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In our hotel you can reserve a room by following ways:

§ You can use the button “Reservations”, fill in the form and send it.

§ Send an application for reservation by E-mail: info@ulanhotel.ru

§ Send an application for reservation by fax: (495) 607-75-70

§ Make reservation by phone: (495) 632-96-95, (495 )632-92-48

The guarantee of reservation is payment for a first day or all period of residence as for natural person so for legal entity.

In-payment form:

  • Cashless settlement (bank transfer)
  • Payment in cash

Necessary information for reservation:

§ Name of organization/ full name (natural person)

§ Date and time of arrival, date and time of departure

§ Type of room

§ Number of guests (mark names and citizenship)

§ In-payment form

§ Name and Essential Elements of organization (legal entity)

Cancellation of a reservation:

The reservation will be cancelled if there is no money transfer before 24 hours of your day arrival.

Application changes:

Application changes and additions should be made in written form and sent by fax (495) 207-75-70 or by mail. It is necessary to receive a confirmation from hotel manager.


Calculation hour: 12:00 (Moscow)

The following payments are made under the 490 point of “Governmental Regulations of providing hotel services in Russian Federation”.

If you arrive before the calculation hour (from 0 till 12:00), and there is a free room in hotel, the payment will not be taken.

If a guest is late with the departure:

  • not more than 8 hours after the calculation hour – hourly pay
  • more than 8 hours after calculation hour – pay for 24 hours;

Staying in the hotel not more than 24 hours, a guest has to pay for 24 hours independently of the calculation hour.

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